Are Cultured Pearls real?

YES, cultured pearls are made by nature, the mollusk is surgically implanted with a seed (a small piece of tissue from the oyster) this takes place of a grain of sand that might naturally enter the shell. The action for both of these situations is the same. The mollusk puts down layers of nacre to reduce the irritation and this creates the pearl.

How do I host a party?

Send us a message or an email with a date you have in mind and someone will contact you to confirm or reach a suited date that works for everyone.

How do I become a consultant?

Send us an email to info@empirepearls.com with your interest, or make it awesome and send us a video and tell us why you would like to be an Empire Pearl consultant? We are looking for Awesome people with a naturally good hearted & fun personality And who can be comfortable in front of a camera. ๐Ÿ™‚

How does a Facebook live party work?

Whether itโ€™s a party that has a host, or a customer appreciation party or even a mystery host party, we go live on our Facebook business page at a minimum 3 times a week. Anyone is welcome to jump on and make a purchase during our live feeds. Once you decide you want to purchase just let us know, we will direct you to our website and ask you to make the purchase you want and come back into the live feed and let us know that you have made a payment and what the payment was for, then we will add you to the list and your oysters will be shucked live during that party, or feel free to ask us to add you to the list for the next party.