Prairie Tanzanite

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Words of Wisdom by Judy Hall “A new find from the Jade Fields of Wyoming, Prairie Tanzanite is a Zoisite that ranges from pink to purple. A peace-inducing combination of Tanzanite and White Jade, it creates a grounded spirituality. My crystal group dubbed it ‘the Lullaby stone’ because it instantly sent them into a deeply relaxed state before taking them into a higher state of consciousness. I’ve never known the room to be so still during a crystal evaluation. Usually everyone talks at once in their excitement at sharing the same perceptions. This time it was much more laid back. I’d already discovered it to be a profoundly calming and centering stone that kept my blood pressure down during a period of extreme frustration and which eventually brought the project through to a successful completion. The grid grew with each passing day and worked best when centred around one of the pinker stones. It was located on my dining room table so was directly under my bed and it helped me to put aside my concerns and sleep at night…..
During the evaluation, several people commented on the effect the stone was having on their teeth and on the causal chakra, something I’m going to explore in a future workshop and will report back on that. Given how peaceful it made us feel, we all felt that it would be helpful for ADHD, kids who were not sleeping, and PTSD” also great for insomnia & so many other things?Very hard to find, only available through specialty crystal suppliers?


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