Koi Yin Yang Pendant

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Genuine 925 Sterling Silver.
In Japanese culture the Koi fish represents, luck, prosperity & good fortune. In Japanese legends , if the Koi fish succeeded in climbing the falls at a certain point in the yellow river it would be transformed into a dragon.
In Buddhism the koi represent courage.
In Chinese philosophy the Yin Yang represents the belief that everything in the universe consists of 2 forces that are opposing but complimentary, in this infinite cycle, one force dominates and is then replaced by the opposing force.. example:
Life & death
Heaven & earth
Night & day
Health & sickness
Positive & negative
The vision for the design of this pendant was to unite two diverse and contrasting cultures and bring them together to signify the perfection of Chi energy, completed by its two halves, allowing that energy to infuse your environment, bringing forth a more positive chi and balancing all the Forces of light and darkness around you.
An original Empire Pearls design ©?

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